ZJ-LCD-M Digital Flow Meter

ZJ-LCD-M Dosage Controller Digital Flow Meter PE Pipe 3/8 Inch Inline Water Flow Sensor Solenoid Valve

US211M Hall Water Flow Sensor Reader 24V Flow Reader and USC-HS20TA integrated hall effect water flow sensor with solenoid Valve You may need other version of 24V power adaptor here. Features: 1. The

  • Model: ZJ-LCD-M-YF-S301

ZJ-LCD-M Dosage Controller Digital Flow Meter PE Pipe 3/8" Inline Water Flow Sensor Solenoid Valve



1. The digital display meter ZJ-LCD-M can display the instantaneous flow, unit is L / min(LPM), (can switch to Gallon/min).

2. The digital display meter ZJ-LCD-M Can display cumulative(total) flow volume, unit is L, max is 999999L. (can switch to Gallon)

3. The digital display meter ZJ-LCD-M can do dosage control with the help of solenoid valve(optional).

4. The digital display meter ZJ-LCD-M can show temperature of fluid with the help of temperature sensor(optional)


Item Description:

This system uses the advanced single chip microcomputer technology, LCD dynamic display screen to display the state of new flow measurement and control instrument. Ultra-thin design, generous and beautiful. With small size, light weight, showing visual reading, clear, high reliability advantages, and a pulse output flow sensor and electromagnetic valve and other ancillary to form a flow control system.

Features of J-LCD-M Controller:
Ultra-thin design, flexible installation: suitable for a variety of models of assembly, easy to use.

The large white backlit LCD screen: beautiful, generous, to realize digital.
The use of ultra wide range of external power supply: to make it more widely used, more energy and a variety of models to connect.

Specification of Flow Controller:

Operating Voltage Range: DC 24V ±8V/1A
Solenoid Valve Operating Voltage: DC12V / 0.3A-0.5A (Normally closed solenoid valve)
Flow probe Voltage: DC5V (Flow probe input signal 1-400Hz)

Quantitative Range: 0.1-9999 L (K value can be placed into the instrument constant maximum value 1-9999 L / min)

Size:103 x 80 x 35mm

(K value can not be zero)

Flow Sensor Description:

Flow sensor connecting type: 3/8" PE pipe quick plug
Power input: 24V DC
Accuracy: +-3%
Temp range : -10 -60 celsius

Flow Range: 0.3-10L/min
Working Pressure: 0.05-1.0MPa

Suitable Liquid: drinking water

Suggested K Value of this sensor: K=21

Package include:

1* ZJ-LCD-M digital display;

1* Hall effect flow sensor;

1* Solenoid valve; 

1* optional power adaptor